Welcome to my site. Here is an (incomplete) list of my Commodore projects.

PC emulator for CBM-II
Emulation of IBM PC BIOS interrupts for Commodore CBM-II computers with the 8088 card, allowing to run software. PC-DOS up to version 3.30 has been booted successfully using the software.

The 1565 drive replica
Fully functional replica of the external disk drive for Commodore 65, including the 4101 interface chip replicated with TTL chips.

MAX Machine PLA replacement
Fully functional replica of Commodore MAX Machine (UltiMAX) PLA chip, using a 22V10 GAL chip.

MAX Machine VIC replacement
Use theĀ 6567 VIC-II from Commodore 64 as a replacement for 6566 VIC-II in the MAX machine. Interface logic made using ATF1504 chip.

MultiMAX cartridge
A cartridge with all released MAX Machine games, selectable using power-on menu. Usable also in C64, C128, SX64, C64GS and C65.

Commodore 900 restoration
Bringing the Commodore 900 Unix workstation to life. Custom software to low-level format the hard drive and prepare OS installation disks, allowing to install the original Coherent system.

AT to XT keyboard converter
Interface allowing to connect PC AT keyboard to an XT computer (or to Commodore 900, which uses the same low-level keyboard interface as the XT).

8088 board in Commodore 610
Hardware mod allowing to use the Intel 8088 co-processor board in Commodore 610.

The CBM-II cartridge
Cartridge for Commodore 610/710 machines, including IEC disk interface support, monitor program, CBMLINK and DOS wedge.